When my first child started eating solid food I was determined to stick to the Super Baby Food plan which is an excellent book and I highly recommend it. My sweet baby boy ate everything and ate super healthy. I gave with oatmeal in the morning mixed with veggies and ground flax seed. He ate so good but had really bad baby acne and eczema. Picky EatingHis eczema got worse and worse and the poor baby was so itchy all the time. He would wake up in the middle of the night itching and had to take several trips to urgent care. At 3 months we got him tested for food allergies and it came up he was allergic to all nuts which he was getting through my breast milk. Later on through more testing we discovered he was also allergic to kiwi, egg yolk, and sea food. Also when he was around 18 months he got the flu and threw up for a week. During this week the only thing he could keep down as he started to feel better was animal crackers. After the flu he became a very picky eater and gone were the days where my boy would eat broccoli, asparagus, tofu, and pretty much whatever I put on his plate. So now 7 years later I have three kids now and they are all super picky and prefer to mostly eat cereal and sandwiches.

So I am in the middle of the battle with all of you that have kids that are picky eaters. I have tried many strategies. Some have worked and some have not. I have tried sticker charts, rewards, having them go to bed hungry because they chose not to eat the dinner which is available for them at anytime. But my kids are stubborn and smart. They know that I get busy and forget the plan for let them slide out of convenience. So my advice from experience is whatever your plan is stick to it. Have family dinner together with whoever is home and offer your kids something you know they like and whatever else is for dinner. They have to eat everything on there plate before they get anything else and be consistent with that. It will be hard but overtime you will no longer be a short order cook and your kids will start eating what the rest of the family is eating. It is still a battle in our household but when I am consistent and stick to the plan my kids eat better.

Photo Credit – raisehealthyeaters.com