If you are like me and dreamed about having a beautiful child that is your very own, you want to have precious pictures of that sweet baby you can enjoy for years to come. But life with a baby can also be overwhelming. Even though you are madly in love with your little one, there is still so much to do including diapers, laundry, more laundry, feeding, and cleaning. Even though you can have great intentions of capturing every sweet moment and mile marker on camera, life just happens. Here are some tips to taking and organizing your photos of your sweet baby:

woman photographer

  1. Have a baby book. You can buy one from the store or make one online using a photo service like Shutterfly or Snapfish. You can upload pictures and then when you are ready simply pick out the best ones to put into a book that you can enjoy for years to come. Then all the photos are in one place. You can also give these photo books as gifts to grandparents and aunts and uncles.
  1. Have a plan. If you want to take a professional picture every month for the first year of your baby’s life then plan for that. If that is really important to you then you can set aside that time. Places like JC Penney and Picture People have affordable picture plans for that. If you have a nice camera and want to do it yourself then you can choose a place in your house and a theme you want to use each time. You can also splurge once a year and hire a photographer.┬áthat can take pictures of your family.
  1. Let yourself off the hook. You might have a plan when your baby is in utero to take a picture every month like I talked about above and then life happens and it is just to much. Don’t worry about it. You can do a newborn, six month and one year picture of your baby and still see the changes they make and have that documented.
  1. Don’t feel like you have to buy fancy new baby clothes. If you have a theme in mind and an outfit in mind that you just have to have your baby in like a fancy dress or black suit, don’t feel like you have to buy those new. There are so many great second hand stores that have lots of special outfits in various sizes for inexpensive. Baby’s only wear these outfits a couple times so they are usually in almost new condition.
  1. Use Props. You can make simple fun props like a number cut out of card stock for each month of the first year of your babies life or use a chalk board and right the number on it. Wooden crates or boxes work great for babies on the move because it contains them.. You can also use a vintage mental baby bath tub which will also contain your baby and make a super cute picture of your baby. You can put your baby in the tub in just his or her diaper or dressed in denim overalls. If you want to do a sports theme, you can pick up baby size sports balls for a dollar at the dollar store.
  1. Have Fun! Taking pictures of your baby should be fun and not stressful. Be flexible, if the day is not going your way postpone and try another day. If you have an idea you always thought would be cute, go with it and be creative.